Remote Energy Systems

Bringing New Solar to Sailing

With High Efficiency Solar Cells &
A Foldable Waterproof Fabric

Enjoy endless sailing trips without charging from your engine or shore power

Who We Are

Our Mission

We are developing the Solar Canopy, a solar power solution designed for sailors that is flexible, durable, versatile, light weight, and storable

Our Team

Remote Energy Systems was founded by a group of engineers passionate about renewable energy; looking to make green energy more accessible for the general consumer. We aim to be a leader of the global transition from fossil fuel dependence to renewable energy

Our Technology 

We are incorporating solar cells in a flexible medium, which is more durable and flexible than the competition. The purposeful design will make our product easy to install, easier to store/transport and much more resistant to wear degradation. It is versatile and can be mounted to a surface or structure, while also be used as a standalone cover. The solar cells are mounted such that it allows more cooling, increasing performance. The solar cells are also configured to perform better than the competition with shading.

The Marine Solar Canopy

The Marine Solar Canopy is a new form of solar panel, combing high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells and a marine grade, heavy duty fabric. Our proprietary method and components for the integration of the solar cells into the fabric maintains the rigidity and protects the cells while allowing the fabric to flex and absorb stresses and strains.

Our Design also allows multiple sizes  of panel to be offered, from 50 to 200 Watts or more.

88cmx66cm 100W prototype shown

  • High efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic cells

  • Water and UV resistant, and highly durable fabric construction

  • Foldable for easy storage

  • Lighter weight compared to standard rigid glass panels

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